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Fix WhatsApp crash on iOS 8 beta

After I updated to iOS 8 beta I went through a problem, that Whatsapp crashes whenever some messages receive to the application. I searched in the web and found out the workaround to fix it. There is a youtube video which had the solution. I have attached the video below and step by step solution under the video.

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Fix Whatsapp crashes on iOS 8 Beta

This crash occur because of the bug exists in the Whatsapp application. Whenever a chat has one of the character combinations ff, fl or fi in it (case sensitive, so capitals are not an issue) the app will crash upon opening it.

To fix this you need the following applications

– iExplorer
– SQLite Database Browser…

By using the iExplorer application navigate to


than copy the


to your PC.

Open the file using SQLite Database Browser and use the below sql queries to fix the problem.

 set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'ff', 'f f')
 where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%ff%';
 set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fi', 'f i')
 where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%fi%';
 set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fl', 'f l')
 where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%fl%';

Problem in this solutions is that whenever someone sends a message with these string combination you need to repeat this combination.

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