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3G iPod Touch Image Appears On Official Apple’s Site

The hour before the iPhone 4S was announced, we’ve seen the iPhone 4S image & Spring logo on Apple’s official website and that was real, it happened: Apple’s iPhone 4S launched on Sprint. Now we see another rumored device appears on Apple’s servers.

On Apple’s store images server, a 3G capable iPod touch has been unveiled. The image on Apple’s official website (can be seen here) contains a 3G iPod touch along with something we can’t identify. We’ve cropped the image to show the 3G iPod touch only.

The rumor of a 3G iPod touch was there few months ago and it was expected to be announced during Apple’s last event, Let’s Talk iPhone. We haven’t seen it yet but this image above confirms that we’ll get it sooner or later. May be during WWDC 2012?

Let us know what do you think.

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