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Here’s How Apple Approached Developing Siri’s Personality

If you are an iPhone 4S user then you may spend a large time with Siri Apple’s intelligent assistant built, asking some funny question for it, but haven’t you asked yourself How Apple Approached Developing Siri’s Personality ?

Well, Today according to a report by MacRumors that WSJ spoke with one of the co-founders of the original Siri and how they approached instilling Siri with personality:

“There were many conversations within the team about whether it should be gender neutral” or “should have an ‘attitude,’ ” said Mr. Winarsky, who didn’t go to Apple, and still works at SRI. The result, before the software was bought by Apple, was “occasionally a light attitude,” he said.

Also it reported that while Apple was working on Siri, Apple focused on keeping Siri’s personality “friendly and humble, and that’s true, because you find Siri answering you with some funny answers sometimes…

So what do you think about Siri ? Really I think it is funny and by the time it will become more intelligence with more power…

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