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Apple Interested In 3D Gestures To Control Devices From A Distance (PATENT)

Seems like Apple didn’t stop at Siri, the intelligent voice assistant, on the new iPhone 4S, and the unparalled touch screen on all of Apple’s devices. Apple’s actually looking for even more innovative ways to revolutionize its iOS devices.

In addition to the touch screen and the voice control, Apple is currently experimenting with 3D gestures to navigate and control a video recording system remotely on its iOS devices.

Apple’s interest in the 3D gestures controls was revealed in a  new patent application made public by the US Patent and Trademark Office under the title of “Real Time Video Process Control Using Gestures”. The process involves using a front-facing camera on a device to interpret non-touch gestures and facial expressions and translate those into commands.

These 3D gestures would come in handy while you’re recording a video for touching your iPhone then would cause your mobile to shake, and wouldn’t it be cool too to turn your iBook pages on an iPad without the hands-on touch.What’s even more amazing is that Apple is has filed a patent a couple of months ago to integrate pico-like projectors in its devices. If you’re not familiar with the name, a pico projector is a tiny lens that can project media content onto a large surface. Installing these tiny projectors into their products will allow users to share video and images on a large, flat surface. Now imagine the pico-like projector and the 3D gestures combined together. This would truly be a brave new world.

We are still far from laying our hands on an actual device, but the technology is here and it is being processed. That’s a spark on hope into what Apple’s future might look like.

(Via AppleInsider)



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