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You Can Enable Multitasking Gestures & Display Mirroring On iPad 1 (No Jailbreak)

With the release of iOS 5, Apple has disabled multitasking gestures from the original iPad giving no reason. In case you’re an iPad 1 user and have gotten used to the Multi-touch gestures, you’ll surely need to enable them on iOS 5. Jailbreak tweaks actually do that but what if you don’t want to be stuck on tethered jailbreak? If so, we have a solution for you.

A ModMyi user decided to modify the redsn0w ramdisk, replacing the jailbreak executable with a small program the purpose of which is to enable gestures on iPad 1. The modified version also allows you to enable display mirroring on the original iPad.

Below is a full guide to enable multitasking gestures on iPad 1 running iOS 5 without needing to jailbreak the device.

STEP 1: Download iOS 5 for iPad 1 from here and then download the modified redsn0w version:

STEP 2: Open redsn0w and select Jailbreak then put your iPad in DFU mode.

STEP 3: Uncheck Install Cydia to prevent jailbreaking and check on Enable multitask gestures.

You’ll be able now to enable multitasking gestures and display mirroring from the

(Thanks Derek for sending this in)



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