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The Funniest Siri Saying You Will Ever See !

As we all know iPhone 4S have the best feature that we all want it which is Siri and Apple uses its own secret sauce and Naunce’s backend to create a super intelligent assistant for iPhone 4S users. So we have got for you some of the funniest ...

YES! You’ll Be Able To Get Siri On iPhone 4!

Yes, you read it right! You’ll be able soon to install & enable Siri on your iPhone 4 thanks to the jailbreak community. We’ve previously told you that both iPhone hackers @iH8sn0w and @Gojohnnyboi were working to port iPhone 4S’ A5-only ...


iOS 5 benchmarked: shows improved speed performance

As indicated by the chart above, just released iOS 5 is showing many speed improvements over iOS 4. iOS 5 was faster in almost every category — as indicated by green — except for the first generation iPad. The chart was put together by GigaOm ...

iOS 5 Release Time Expected To Download

Waiting to download iOS 5 right now? Well, just wait a bit. Yeah, it’s coming out today but when? Here’s our speculation. We expected iOS 5 to be released in few hours, to be accurate; iOS 5 is highly expected to be released on 10:00 AM PT. Why ...

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