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Siri Successfully Ported To iPod Touch Too, Still Not Connected To Apple’s Servers

Everyone wants Siri on their older iOS devices and yes, hackers are currently working to make it possible on all older devices running iOS 5. We’ve seen Siri on the iPhone 4 and on the iPad 2, now “she” comes for the iPod touch 4G.

Two new hackers, euwars and rud0lf77, were able to put Siri on the iPod touch for the first time. Siri is working good on iPod touch 4G and it’s not laggy at all but we’ve the same problem…

Of course, Apple’s servers still are still not friendly with older devices but hackers are still working to get it. So Siri’s latest video remains a silent one.

This time Siri also made some problems to the iPod touch:

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Although we’ve heard that it’s something semi-impossible to get Siri connected to Apple’s servers on older iOS devices, some hackers still claim that they got it connected to Apple’s servers. We’re currently waiting for a real proof.

(Via Engadget)




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