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Top 15 Jailbreak Widgets For iOS 5 Notification Center

iOS 5 brings a perfect feature called notification center which brings a whole new way to get your notifications. We jailbreak our devices to make it even better, that’s why there are tons of jailbreak widgets released for iOS 5 notification center. You can fully customize your notification center to make it more awesome with jailbreak widgets.

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  • BBSettings
  • AppsCenter
  • MusicCenter
  • QuickNote
  • OmniStat
  • WeeSpeedDial
  • WeeRadio
  • WidgetTask
  • BatteryCenter
  • SlideCenter
  • StatusGoogle
  • WeeFlashlight
  • Respring
  • SBSettings

You can actually do more for your notification center with jailbreak. We’ve posted a guide yesterday showing you how to change the background of iOS 5 notification center.

You may want to tell us what’s your favorite jailbreak widget in the comments section below.



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