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iPhone 4S VS Nokia’s Lumia 800 In A Browser Load Test (Video)

As you must have heard, Nokia has rolled out its brand new windows–based smartphone, the Lumia 800. The design is almost identical to that of the N9, but the OS is different. Nokia hopes that what will set its windows–based smartphones from other windows phones is the number of exclusive apps it supports like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and ESPN Sports Hub.

Good job Nokia, but let’s get a bit curious. How do you think Lumia would stand if compared to the almighty iPhone?

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In a browser load Speed test comparison between Lumia 800 and the iPhone 4S,Lumia couldn’t stand a chance. On the same Wi-Fi connection, Lumia proved sluggish and slow in loading sites. Apple’s iPhone 4S is always one step ahead of Nokia Lumia 800.

(Via SlashGear)

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