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Give your USB a background

Posted: September 8, 2007 in Computer

Give your USB a background

Step :1

Copy this code to ur text editor,then save it as “desktop.ini”




VeBRA sources – don’t delete the tag above, it’s there for XXXXX purposes –



Step :2

Put “desktop.ini and your_picture.jpg in ur USB Drive then Hidden it.

Step :3

Refresh ..and enjoy with new background…

Auto Shutdown your PC

Posted: September 8, 2007 in Computer


Auto Shutdown your PC 

example you wish to shutdown at 11:35am. Type this in
Type Code: at 11:35 shutdown -s
to abort
shutdown -a

Take Note: All time are in 24hr, example u would like to shutdown at 8:30pm, you should type “at 20:30 shutdown -s” without quote…

Default Copy to & Move to Option

Posted: September 7, 2007 in Computer


Default Copy to & Move to Option in XP

You can add “Copy To Folder” and “Move To Folder” to the context menu…

So when you right click on the file or folder it have option to copy or move it to another folder…

Start by launching RegEdit from the Start menu’s Run dialog. Navigate to the key:

*Right-click on the ContextMenuHandlers entry and from the menu, select New | Key.

*Name the new key Copy To.

*Double-click on the (Default) value in the right-hand pane and set its data to {C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}. Click on OK

*Then right-click on the ContextMenuHandlers key and create another new key, naming this one Move To. Set the (Default) value for this one to {C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}.

*Click on OK and close the Registry Editor.


Posted: September 6, 2007 in Hacking tutorials


To start off, you need a direct connection to your modem and computer. If you have a router, disconnect it and directly hook up your modem to your computer.

  1. Open up the command prompt by pressing Start->Run and typing in cmd
  2. In the command prompt, type “Ipconfig/all”. This will tell you your current IP Address. After, type “ipconfig/release”. Keep the command prompt open for easy access.
  3. Go to “Network Connections” (accessible through the control panel). Right click “Local Area Connection” and click “Properties”
  4. With “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) selected, click the “Properties” button.
  5. A new window will open. Under the “General” tab, select “Use the Following IP address”. Under “Ip Address”, put “″. Press the “Tab” key on your keyboard.
  6. Press Ok on both open windows.
  7. Repeat steps 3-4. Under the “General” tab, press the radio button “Automatically Assign Me an Ip Address”. Press ok on both windows.
  8. Go back to the command prompt and type in “Ipconfig/all”. You’ll now notice you have a new IP address.

So, this will be handy if you want to by-pass Rapidshare 1 hour download limit, provided that you have a static IP address.


Unlocking & Misc codes for every phone

Posted: September 6, 2007 in mobile

Unlocking & Misc codes for every phone

Quick summary, just some usefull crap you can enter on your phone, for example incrase sound quality, displaying software version all weird stuff like that:


Love Tunes (2007)

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Downloads!, English, Entertainment, Music

Love Tunes (2007)

——-[Track List]——-

  1. Too Lost in You – SugarBabes
  2. Too Little, Too Late – JoJo
  3. Feel – Robbie Williams
  4. My Heary Will Go On – Celine Dion
  5. Irreplaceable – Beyonce
  6. Lonely No More
  7. You’re Beautiful
  8. Can’t Get you out of My Head – Cylie Minogue
  9. Because of You – Kelly ClarksonValentine’s Day
  10. Lonely – Akon
  11. Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – Elton John feat. Blue
  12. Here I Am – Kelly Clarkson
  13. Check On It – Beyonce
  14. Again – Faith Evans
  15. Anyone of Us – Gareth Gates
  16. Crazy in Love – Beyonce feat. JayZ
  17. Back for Good – Take That
  18. GoodBye HeartBrake – LightHouse Family
  19. Breathe Again – Toni Braxton
  20. Hurt – Aguilera
  21. Also :
    17. 2 Man Show – (with Elton John)

——-[Download Links]——-

Part 1 :

Part 2 :



Enrique Iglesias – Insomniac

——-[Album Details]——-

Artist : Enrique Iglesias
Album : Insomniac
Label : Interscope Records
Genre : Pop
Bitrate : 197 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Playtime : 00:56:11 (83 MB)
Rls date : 2007-06-06
Store date : 2007-06-12

——-[Track List]——-

  1. Ring My Bells <== Super Cool !
  2. Push (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
  3. Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
  4. Somebody’s Me
  5. On Top Of You
  6. Tired Of Being Sorry
  7. Miss You
  8. Wish I Was Your Lover
  9. Little Girl
  10. Stay Here Tonight
  11. Sweet Isabel
  12. Don’t You Forget About Me
  13. Dimelo
  14. Alguien Soy Yo
  15. Amigo Vulnerable

——-[Download Link]——-

WindowFX 2.12 Enhanced


WindowFX is a revolutionary new program that allows you to add an
unprecedented number of special effects to windows

  • True, alpha blended shadows under windows
  • Ability to morph windows when minimizing and maximizing
  • Several different morphing effects available
  • A set of window opening and closing effects
  • Ability to have large icons on the desktop while having normal sized icons everywhere else
  • Ability to apply light sources to different coordinates on the desktop that colorize titlebar/borders of windows
  • Wide range of semi-transparency options such as making windows, the star bar, menus, and more semi-transparent
  • Various special effects for Windows desktop icons and their labels
  • A set of special effects for menus when opened and closed
  • User defined size for windows to maximize to.
  • Able to add more transition special effects and shadows created by users and more!

Size : 1 MB

Pass :

Windows XP Professional Corp August 2007

Windows XP Professional Corp August 2007
August 2007 Updates

August 2007 Direct-X
Windows Media Player 11
Internet Explorer 7
MS Signed Themes(Zune,Royale
Vista Games
Dot Net framework 1.1+2.0
Windows Live Messenger
Vista Cursors

File Size : 600 Mb


Download Links :

||Part 0 || Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 ||

Akon – african west side(2007)


01 Africa (Exclu) 3:00
02 Gun Shot 2:28
03 Don’t Let Up 3:43
04 Presidential Feat. Yoongbloodz 3:37
05 So Fly Feat. Blews 3:44
06 Back Again Feat. Kai 3:49
07 Never Gona Get Feat. Sean Biggs 2:47
08 Get Way (Exclu) 2:46
09 Kill The Bounce Feat. Kardinal 2:36
10 Ooh babe Feat. Play N Skillz 2:39
11 U Got Me Feat. T Pain 3:35
12 You Don’t Want It (Exclu) 2:56
13 Husler Story Feat. Scarface & Big Cee 2:51
14 Can You Believe It Feat. Styles P 3:41
15 Gun In Hand Feat. Booba 3:55
16 In Yours Eyes 3:56
17 Ghetto Rmx Feat. B.I.G And 2pac 4:27
18 Wath Your Movements Feat. 50 Cent & Young Buck 3:11
19 I Want Feat Oxmo Puccino (Exclu) 3:16
20 Ur Not The Same Feat T Pain 4:17
21 Lonely (Bad Remix) (Exclu) 2:11
22 Soul Survivor Feat Lil Wayne 3:59
23 Gun Session Survivor Feat. Sizzla & Vibes Cartel 4:34