S60 Handset Usage Tips

S60 Handset Usage Tips

Below are some S60 usage tips. With just a few clicks, you can easily maximize the power of your phone’s versatile features.




Note: Information below are for reference only. Functions mentioned and their actual applications may vary depending on phone models. Please refer to the respective user guide for specific function details


S60 Handset Usage Tips

1. The key

A) Tightly press the [] key under Standby mode: open a series of applications in use, roll to a specific application and press [C] to close the program.
B) Press the [] key under any situation for direct access to the main menu.

2. The key

While editing a message, you can copy the text to clipboard by pressing the [] key, then move the control stick and select Copy. Insert the copied text to a file or message, press the [] key again and select Paste. It is equivalent to the Ctrl key on a PC.

3. Use the key for multiple selection or cancel selection.

Press the [] key and move the control stick upward or downward for multiple selection, partial selection and canceling all selection for messages, pictures and documents.

4. Switching programs

When more than one program is running (e.g. Music Player, Web Browser and Calender), hold the MANUAL key down. The upper left corner of the display will show programs that are running. Use UP and DOWN buttons to select the program that you want to switch to.

5. Using other function during calls

You can use other functions, such as CONTACTS, GAMES and INTERNET, when you are engaged in a call. During a call, pressing the RIGHT button enters Speaker Phone mode and activates the speaker. You can then go to MANUAL and select the function you desire without disrupting the call.

6. Add new folders and move the location of the files

You can add new folders in the MANUAL (also known as MAIN MANUAL) and move your files and programs into the new folders. Enter MAUNAL -> OPTIONS -> NEW FOLDER -> enter “Folder name” -> OK to add a new folder. Go back to MANUAL and select the file or program you want to move. Enter OPTIONS -> MOVE TO FOLDER-> select the folder you have just added -> OK. Now you have moved the file to the new folder.

7. Managing installed programs

You can view or delete installed programs from the handset by entering MANUAL -> TOOLS -> APPLICATION MANAGER. All the installed programs will be displayed in the form of a directory. To view a program, go to OPTIONS -> VIEW DETAILS. To delete a program, select the program from the directory, select OPTIONS -> REMOVE.

8. To send a contact via SMS

You can send the contacts stored in your handset via SMS to another handset. Enter MENU -> CONTACTS, scroll to and open the contact you want to send, select OPTIONS -> SEND -> VIA TEXT MESSAGE, select ‘SELECTED DETAIL ONLY’ or ‘ALL CONTACT DATA’, select a recipient from your contacts or enter a mobile phone number, select OPTIONS -> SEND, and your recipient will immediately receive the SMS contact on his/her handset, and can choose to store the contacts.

9. Setting Bluetooth connectivity

Open MENU -> CONNECTIVITY -> BLUETOOTH, and select ON or OFF to activate or deactivate your handset’s Bluetooth function. When Bluetooth is activated, you can set MY PHONE’S VISIBILITY to HIDDEN to protect your handset from being discovered by other Bluetooth devices; if you set it to SHOWN TO ALL, your handset can be found by other Bluetooth devices.

10. Checking and setting the Log

The Log is a record of all communication events, including incoming and outgoing calls, packet data, and SMS and MMS messages. It can be set according to your requirements. Open LOG from the main menu, and press the right navigation key for details of all communication events. To change settings, open OPTIONS -> SETTINGS -> LOG DURATION.

11. Setting alarms for Calendar events

Alarms can be set for Meetings, Anniversaries and To-do events in the CALENDAR. Select OPTIONS -> GO TO DATE, enter a date, press -> CONFIRM -> OPTIONS -> NEW ENTRY -> MEETING (Using meeting as an example) -> ALARM, then set alarm to ON. The alarm time will be set by default to 15 minutes before your appointment, but this can be modified; you can also change the default calendar alarm tone by selecting OPTIONS -> SETTINGS -> CALENDAR ALARM TONE.

General Handset Usage Tips (applicable also to S60 handsets)

1. The key

A) Tightly press the [] key under Standby mode:
To switch conversion between line 1 and line 2.
B) Press the [] key when editing information or text to switch between different input method.
C) Press the [] key when using the calculator to insert a decimal point.

2. The key

A) Double click the [] key to input an [+] when dialing long distance calls.
B) Press the [] key to access the Symbol List when editing information or text.
C) To switch between modes when using the calendar.
D) Press the [] key for switch between algorithms when using the calculator.

3. Number keys

A) Tightly press the [0] key under Standby mode for direct access of the wap/web brower.
B) Tightly press the [1] key under Standby mode for direct connection to voice mailbox.
C) Assign single key dialing settings for each number from 2 to 9. To dial a certain predefined entry, simply press the assigned number key tightly or press the respective number key once, follow by pressing the call key.
D) Use number key 1 to 9 instead of the direction key to enter the main menu for quick access.
E) To browse pictures in [Gallery], use the number keys instead of the phone menu for quick access:
1: Rotate anti-clockwise
3: Rotate clockwise
5: Zoom in
0: Zoom out
2,4,6,8: To move the picture in four different directions
*: To switch between full screen and standard mode.
F) When taking pictures: (result varies depending on phone models)
1: To activate or close night mode
4: To activate or close sequence mode
3: To adjust brightness
6: To adjust contrast

G) When editing a message:
To insert a space: press the [0] key once
To shift the cursor to the next line: press the [0] key three times

To input common punctuation marks: press the [1] key once or several times

4. The key

A) To delete a program or a document, press the [] key.
B) Press the “End” key to terminate or reject calls, or to withdraw from a function and return to Standby mode.

5. The key (Available for selected phone models only.)

A) Tightly press the [] Key, if equipped, under the Standby mode to activate voice tag or voice command.
B) Press the [] key to use the speaker during a call or when dialing, press the [] key during a call to close the speaker function.

6. The key

A) For quick conversion between modes, press [] under Standby mode.
B) You can also lock the key pad using the Power button. Press the Power button once will call out the MANUAL. Select LOCK KEYPAD to lock the keypad.

7. Input of numbers

To insert numbers in any input system, simply press the number key on the keyboard tightly.

8. To select functions with number keys

Phone menu icons are arranged three in a row. The first 9 icons at the very top is recognized as the traditional “grid” screen. Simply press number keys 1 to 9 on the keyboard to activate function icons in the respective position. This function only applies to the nine icons on the very top of the screen and to every level on the phone menu.

9. Keylock

Press the left selection key once, and then press the [] key under Standby mode to lock the keyboard. A symbol of a key will appear on the upper right hand side of the screen. Repeat the above procedure once to activate the keyboard and the key symbol will disappear.

10. Setting up the custom LEFT-RIGHT buttons

You can assign specific functions to the LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Go to MANUAL -> TOOLS -> SETTINGS -> PHONE -> STANDBY MODE. Select the “LEFT SELECTION KEY” or the “RIGHT SELECTION KEY”, then select OPTIONS -> CHANGE, and select the function you want to assign. Press OK when you are done.

11. Arranging the icons

You can move or rearrange the icons in the main MANUAL or any sub-manuals. Enter the MANUAL and select the icon you want to move. Select OPTIONS -> MOVE. A tick will appear at the upper right corner of the selected icon. Move the icon to the position you desire and then press OK. The icon will be moved to the new position.

12. View the Memory Status

You can view the status of the build-in memory and the memory card. Used memory, memory available, and the memory used for pictures, programs and documents can be displayed. Enter MANUAL -> TOOLS -> FILE MANAGER and then use the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to select the build-in memory or the memory card (LEFT for build-in memory; RIGHT for the memory card). Then press the LEFT function key and enter OPTIONS -> MEMORY DETAILS. The allocation of memory in the specific device will be displayed.

13. Change the THEME of the handset

You can change the background and color scheme of the graphical interface with different THEMES. In the MANUAL, enter TOOLS -> THEMES. All available THEMES will be shown. The THEME in use is decorated with a tick. You can select another THEME by entering OPTIONS -> PREVIEW. Select the THEME desire and press OPTIONS -> APPLY. The new theme will be used.

14. Autolock (Applicable to specific handsets only)

You can setup an AUTOLOCK password and the idle time before the handset is locked. After locked by AUTOLOCK, the display will enter a Protection Mode. You will need to enter the correct password to unlock the handset. In MANUAL, select TOOLS -> SETTINGS -> SECURITY -> PHONE & SIM -> LOCK CODE. The intial unlock key for all S60 handsets is “12345”. Enter 12345 here and then enter a new 5-digit number for the new Key. Then go to AUTOLOCK PERIOD -> USER DEFINED -> LOCK AFTER (minutes). Enter a number here to define the time before the AUTOLOCK is activated.


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