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Firefox mobile hits the Nokia N810

Posted: April 30, 2009 in 1

Firefox mobile hits the Nokia N810

The much anticipated Firefox Mobile, AKA Fennec, has had its first beta release on the Nokia N810. And boy is it something. Packing plenty of familiar Firefox functionality, Fennec is already impressive, even though it’s only at beta 1. This release is designed for testing purposes only, according to the Mozilla site, and aims to get wider feedback on the user experience, get developer feedback and encourage existing add-on developers to port existing Firefox add-ons to Fennec – yep, Fennec supports add-ons.

Any regular Firefox user is well aware of the benefits of Firefox, but for those who aren’t, add-ons extend the functionality of Firefox and is particularly useful for web development (Nokia test the mobile version of Conversations using the Firefox user-agent add on).