Extension.FM turns Google Chrome into an iTunes for MP3 blogs

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Internet!, News, News, Technology
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Have you been reluctant to make the switch to Google’s excellent HTML5-compliant browser, Google Chrome? If you love music and frequent a lot of MP3 blogs, you might want to change your mind: thanks to an amazing new extension, Google Chrome just became your killer app.

The extension is called ExtensionFM. Think of it like iTunes for MP3 blogs. Install the extension and go to any website with MP3s embedded into it and Extension.fm will automatically see them and add them to your media library. This media library functions a lot like iTunes: from there, once Extension.fm has “seen” an MP3, you can browse it by album, artist, year, genre or blog, just like iTunes. It’ll remember every MP3 you’ve ever seen, in fact, and allow you to easily play it with just one click anytime.

It reminds me a lot of a great OS X program for handling music blogs called Peel, but unlike Peel, this functions as its own self-updating music library. You don’t need to enter RSS feeds at all, and MP3s last in your music library as long as that file exists on the same server.

I’ve been using Extension.fm all morning and I love it. If you love listening to MP3 blogs and discover new music, this is a serious reason to switch to Chrome. My only complaint: I wish there was a way to automatically push a song you’re listening to to iTunes, or even just a way to give ratings to tracks. Maybe next version?

Read more at Extension.fm

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