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This howto explains howto install Google Chrome Web browser on Fedora 12, Fedora 13 and Red Hat 6 (RHEL). Best way to install and keep up-to-date with Google Chrome browser is use Google’s own YUM repository.

Would you like to download pictures from your Facebook account and your friend’s Facebook pages? Here’s a nice web app that can help you quickly download your pictures so you can use them anyway you want.

Getting Started

If you’d like to download pictures from your Facebook account and your friends pages, Pick&Zip is a great tool that lets you download as many pictures as you want in a zip or PDF file. Head over to the Pick&Zip site to get started (link below), and click the Login with Facebook button near the bottom of the page.


Have you given Google Wave a try, only to find it difficult to keep up with? Here’s how you can integrate Google Wave with your desktop and workflow with some free and simple apps.

Google Wave is an online web app, and unlike many Google services, it’s not easily integrated with standard desktop applications. Instead, you’ll have to keep it open in a browser tab, and since it is one of the most intensive HTML5 webapps available today, you may notice slowdowns in many popular browsers. Plus, it can be hard to stay on top of your Wave conversations and collaborations by just switching back and forth between the website and whatever else you’re working on. Here we’ll look at some tools that can help you integrate Google Wave with your workflow, and make it feel more native in Windows.

Use Google Wave Directly in Windows

What’s one of the best ways to make a web app feel like a native application? By making it into a native application, of course! Waver is a free Air powered app that can make the mobile version of Google Wave feel at home on your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop. We found it to be a quick and easy way to keep on top of our waves and collaborate with our friends.

You want to play a high-end 3D game. You go to the stores and buy it paying few bucks and come home. The next thing you’ll do is open the computer and install it on your desktop or notebook. After the installation is over you’ll definitely run the game. But, puff the screen goes black, white, shows error, your pc goes insane. You again go back to your CD cover and check out minimum system requirements. You find that you’ve latest hardware configuration but even though your pc is finding hard to run the game.


Windows: The popular BitTorrent client uTorrent released a beta build of uTorrent Web Beta, a no-configuration tool that allows you to remotely access and control uTorrent from any web browser.


If you’ve forgot the password of your instant messenger account or you just want to crack your girlfriends password, use MessenPass. It works with: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ Lite, Trillian, Digsby and many other clients.

MessenPass Download Page

I’m always amazed that more people don’t know the little tricks you can use to get more out of a simple Google search. Here are 19 of my favorites

  1. Use the “site:” operator to limit searches to a particular site. I use this one all the time, and it’s particularly handy because many site’s built-in search tools don’t return the results you’re looking for (and some sites don’t even have a search feature). If I’m looking for NetWidZ..! posts about iPhone, for example, I could try this search: iPhone

  2. (more…)

I conduct pretty much all of my business online. I use a dozen different web applications on a daily basis. I rely on these tools to get my work done, which makes it absolutely crucial that I do everything I can to protect my information. I do my best to find trustworthy applications, but in the end, some of my security comes down to something I do for myself — choosing good passwords.


Looking for a way to display song lyrics in Windows Media Player? Today we look at a very simple method to accomplish this with Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player.


Are you looking for ways to improve the playback of your media in Windows Media Player 12? We’ll show you how to do that by using the enhancements in WMP 12.

If you are in Library mode, you’ll need to click the icon at the lower right to switch to Now Playing mode.